DEF Scholarships Due March 10th

DEF Scholarships are due to the DeKalb High School Student Services Office by March 10th.

See Kathy Cebulski, DeKalb High School counselor, for more information.


Are you an athlete, soccer player or a musician?
Check out this scholarship which is given to four seniors:
Emmette and Kathleen Land Memorial Scholarship: DEF Land Application 2017
The Christopher E. Anderson Memorial Scholarship is given to a senior: DEF Anderson Application 2017

Are you thinking about becoming an elementary education teacher?
See the Sharon L. Rosenow Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to two students: DEF Rosenow Application 2017

Working toward a four year degree?
The Beatrice M. Stankus Memorial Scholarship and the Keith and Viella Glidden Scholarship are for you:
DEF Stankus Application 2017
DEF Glidden Application 2017

If a two or four year college is in your future plans, the Thomas R. Rauman Memorial Scholarship or Evelyn S. Nelson Scholarship could help out four seniors:
DEF Rauman Application 2017
DEF Nelson Application 2017

Or you could apply for the DHS College Support Scholarship: DHS College Support Scholarship Application

If you received special education services, the Steven Streb Memorial Scholarship could help you further your studies: DEF Streb Application 2017

Good luck with your future plans!

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