Grant Application


DeKalb Education Foundation

Application for Funding for DeKalb School District #428

As a result of its fund-raising efforts in support of DeKalb School District #428, the DeKalb Education Foundation is able to consider and fund grant requests received from district instructional staff (i.e. classroom teachers and instructional support staff). Grant requests are considered during three funding periods (i.e. mid-Fall Semester, early Spring Semester, and late Spring Semester). Grant proposals are considered that reflect effort to enhance, enrich, and supplement district educational programs and/or that introduce the innovative use of new technology (i.e. hardware and software) designed to promote new ways to approach teaching and learning within district schools.


Grant funding periods are October, February, and May.


Application Instructions: To receive consideration, fully completed applications must be received on or prior to 5:00 p.m. on the last Friday of the preceding month (i.e. September, January, and April) for each of the three funding periods. Grant applications not received by the submission deadline will be reviewed in the next grant cycle.

DEF Grant Applic final draft July 2012.

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