Thank You From: Littlejohn Kindergarten Team

The generosity of our Donors allows DEF to support the community and to receive amazing letters like the one below from Littlejohn Kindergarten Team😊!!




Dear DeKalb Education Foundation,

A huge thank you to you for approving and funding our Kindergarten Hands-On Exploration grant during the 2017-2018 school year. The items that we were able to purchase for use in our classrooms impacted our students’ educational experience more than we can even begin to describe, and we are so appreciative of your generosity.

Our students were able to participate in hands-on experiences where they collaborated with their peers to make predictions and conduct investigations, discovered for themselves relationships between science concepts, made connections to the abstract concepts about which they were learning, and applied what they learned to help them understand the texts that we were reading during our integrated literacy block. The students were so engaged in learning and loved the opportunities to explore magnetism, and experiment with force and motion and ways to make objects move slower, faster, farther, etc. They were thrilled to plant seeds, track their plants progress, and explain to visitors all they knew about the parts of plants. And one of their favorite activities involved applying their knowledge of weather and wind to design and build their own wind-powered vehicles which we then “raced” in the hallway with the help of a fan.

Your generosity and commitment to the students of District 428 has made an enormous difference and has been hugely impactful on our students’ learning. Thank you!

Tracy Paszotta, Kelly Corral, Joan Boyce
Littlejohn Kindergarten Team

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