Wirtz Award for Excellence in Education

How to Nominate

Your Colleague for the Wirtz Award for Excellence in Education



  • At the beginning of February, choose your nominee who has been exemplary in inspiring students and/or promotes a program that lifts students’ sense of human values and purpose as proposed by the Wirtz family for this award
  • Notify your nominee of your nomination
  • Complete nomination form
  • Solicit three (3) letters of support for your nominee from colleagues, family and/or students.
  • Submit the nomination form and three (3) letters to Jennie Hueber,

Education Center, by Friday, February 23, 2018 at 5:00pm.

Wirtz nomination form 2017-2018 

The Wirtz Committee will review all nominees and notify you if your nominee is selected the week of March 19th


Winning Nominee

  • You and your school principal will arrange for a surprise announcement for your nominee the week of April 9th. Contact Sheryl Nak, snak974@comcast.net, with your plans so a committee representative can be present.
  • The Wirtz Award plaque and honorarium will be presented to the nominee at the May 1st school board meeting.

On behalf of the Wirtz Committee, thank you!

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