About Us

The DeKalb Education Foundation is…

  • non-profit, citizen-led organization solely dedicated to providing public support for public education through solicitation and distribution of tax-deductible contributions.
  • completely independent of the DeKalb Community School District #428 Board of Education – Though we are independent, the Foundation works in close partnership with the School Board and school administrations.
  • committed to enhancing and enriching education programs for children at every school and in every grade level in DeKalb Community School District #428.

Foundation Grants are awarded…

  • three times a year – Grant Applications should be submitted in September, January and April by school district staff.
  • after individual review for merit, feasibility and benefit to children
  • only for DeKalb Community School District #428 programs that directly benefit classroom instruction and enrichment. At this time the Foundation does not support extra-curricular activities, athletics, salaries or stipends.
  • solely by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The leadership of the DeKalb Education Foundation looks like you!

Thirteen community members who are committed to providing our children with the best education possible – that’s the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Community residents who believe that strong schools create a bond between business, agriculture and education have always been at the heart of the DeKalb Education Foundation.

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